Andy McFarland

Andy is one of the RocketFuel founders as well as our CTO.

Andy is a natural brainiac. He started working with computers and technology in general at an early age.  He grew up working with computer hardware and software with his father and older brother. They would spend late nights playing games on the computer networks they had set up themselves. With a little help from his father, Andy built a computer made of spare parts at the age of 13 years old. That’s right, a computer. From spare parts. In his first year as a teenager. 

In the '90s, Andy started playing around with HTML and web server setup. By 2000, he had started developing web applications including programming, server administration, and HTML/CSS/JS.

Andy worked with BlueLogic Design in 2001, where he helped develop at least one custom content management system for a site they were creating. Little did he know he would one day become the not-so-evil mastermind behind our fantastic RocketFuel proprietary CMS.

In “2000-something or other”, Andy came to work for Rocket Science Design. They were using Wordpress as a CMS which just wasn’t cutting it. This brought Andy and Reuben to the decision that they should create a custom CMS to use for client websites. And thus RocketFuel was born with Andy as one of it’s founding fathers (We don’t think he likes to be referred to as such, because a title like Founding Father should come with a top hat and a big white beard).