Carter Capocaccia

Carter told us on his first day that his last name was pronounced cap-O-cotch-E but that hasn't stopped us from calling him Carter Carbonara, Carter Carpaccio, Carter Cappucino, or Andy's personal favorite: Carter-Carter-Carter-Carter-Carter Chameleon. 

Carter is a native Memphian who recently returned to the 901 after graduating from the Nashville Software School with a concentration in full stack web development AND The University of Mississippi, where he studied psychology. (We're convinced he's a stellar Front End Developer because he literally knows how users think.) Before coming aboard the good spaceship RocketFuel, Carter worked for Med DataLink GI, a medical data software division of StatLink Systems, where he assisted in the interpretations of electroencephalograms and capsule endoscopy studies.   

When he's not writing code or reading his coworkers' minds, Carter is basically fused to his bicycle. From weekly rides with the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club to mountain biking through Stanky Creek, his love of cycling and the outdoors is matched only by his love for his dog. When forced indoors, Carter retreats to the kitchen, flexing his culinary know-how to whip up everything from fudge to Womsetti to kangaroo steaks.

Fun Carter trivia facts: he has manned a flamethrower and considers himself an amateur astronaut. (We're excited about trying out our worst space puns on him. THEY’RE OUT OF THIS WORLD.)