Hunter Mitchell

Hunter Mitchell has a secret talent: he knows how to juggle. Literally. That’s probably why he’s so good at what he does.

As Senior Account Manager at RocketFuel, Hunter’s focused on making clients happy and making life smooth for our team. From keeping our many projects on track to streamlining communications throughout the creative process, he’s basically an air traffic controller/cool dad/spirit animal hybrid, and who doesn’t need one of those in their lives? (We sure do.)

Hunter was born and raised right here in Memphis. He received his B.A. in Advertising from Harding University in Searcy, AR before returning to the Bluff City because, we assume, he missed our city’s vastly superior local cuisine. Before joining the RocketFuel crew, he worked as a copywriter and project manager for 5+ years at Harvest Creative, another fine Memphis agency.

Quick Hunter Facts (in case you ever find yourself playing a round of Hunter trivia):

  • Star Wars: A New Hope is his favorite movie.

  • Growing up, Kerri Strug was his celebrity crush.

  • He has a Havanese dog named Constable Charlie Crambone II.

Out in the wild, Hunter is most likely to be spotted diligently glued to a challenging game: video, board, roleplaying, any and all. Not content to merely play the creations of others, this crazy genius actually teamed up with a good friend to invent a brand new tabletop roleplaying game of their own, Iris, which became an immediate hit with their friends and families. Never one to rest on his inventive laurels, Hunter is now collaborating on a sci-fi detective story: The Law of Prosperity.

We fully expect him to become President of the World within the next 10 years or so and look forward to writing an untold number of terrible puns to aid his campaign efforts. (You’re welcome, Hunter!)