Josh Bryant

When deciding on a career path, Josh Bryant briefly considered joining the Planeteers.

Fortunately for us, he chose web development instead. As a Senior Front End Developer, everything the light touches (UI) is Josh’s kingdom, and that means keeping pace with a variety of constantly evolving devices, software and programming languages.

Josh grew up in Hernando, Mississippi and attended the University of Mississippi in Oxford, where he received his B.B.A. in Management Information Systems with a concentration in Software Architecture. His area of expertise is understanding what users want and figuring out how to translate it into code.

Prior to beaming aboard the USS RocketFuel, Josh worked as a web developer and managed the server environment at Harvest Creative. Before joining the agency world, he was a Ruby on Rails developer for Share One, a Memphis-based financial software solutions provider. He even spent seven years in customer support as part of the venerable Geek Squad, which means he is incredibly patient and probably still occasionally murmurs “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” in his sleep.

When he steps out of the office, Josh transmogrifies into Ron Swanson, resplendent with a bushy moustache on his face and a mighty axe in his hands. Most of his time away from screens is spent woodworking, camping, kayaking and generally embodying the lyrics of “Mother Nature’s Son.” He has even hiked/backpacked the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 10-day, 100-mile trek through the Alps in France and Switzerland. Josh’s heroes are John Muir, Dick Proenneke, Theodore Roosevelt and Hugh Glass, all pioneering figures in modern ecology and U.S. frontier mythos.

If Josh ever stops showing up for work, we’ll assume that means he went full-Walden.