Lindsey Butler

Our resident communications rockstar, Lindsey thrives in an environment centered around big pictures, interconnectivity and continuous learning. As Marketing Coordinator, she guides the RocketFuel team in our quest to help clients find their voices and tell their stories.

Lindsey received a B.S. in Organizational Leadership from Union University, but her broad educational background spans everything from arts and humanities to project management and business/professional writing. So, basically, she’s a pop culture nerd who loves turning information into knowledge and pushing her glasses up her nose when she has a good idea.

Before joining the RocketFuel crew, Lindsey worked as Communications & Media/Project Coordinator at Crosstown Arts, a local nonprofit dedicated to cultivating the arts in Memphis. While at Crosstown Arts, she divided her time across programmatic copywriting/editing, digital content development, event photography, online marketing, social media management and IT strategy. 

Lindsey also joins our unofficial club of Former-Apple-Employees-Turned-RocketFuelers, having spent nearly 5 years tinkering with computers and mobile devices for Apple Retail. (Congratulations, Lindsey! Your membership card comes with a year’s supply of unsolicited product troubleshooting questions and a LIFETIME supply of bad IT Crowd references. You’re welcome.)

When she’s not at the office, you can find Lindsey cooking, reading, listening to podcasts, getting sweaty at shows, binge-watching the best (and worst) of 90’s television, starting zines she'll never finish and serving as de facto editor and IT support for her friends and family -- probably all at the same time. She enjoys volunteering for arts and community events, like Creative Works and Indie Memphis, and bonding with curious people who refuse to grow up.