Ryan Filler

Ryan is one of our Senoir Designers here at RocketFuel. He dabbles in all sorts of things in the design department including interaction design, designing graphics, laying out interior pages, dabbling in code every once in awhile, and playing the quiet game with John.

Ryan is a UI / UX Designer at RocketFuel. So basically, he splits his time between designing graphics, dabbling in interaction design, and even writing a little bit of code when he’s feeling adventurous.

Inspired as a child by the LCARS terminals he saw while watching Star Trek, Ryan realized the future was never going to look as great unless someone started designing it now. With this and countless other science fiction inspirations in mind he hopes to help bring the future of design and interaction to the present.

After traveling the country as an Air Force kid, Ryan eventually landed in the suburbs of Memphis just in time to go to high school. From there he traveled south and picked up a bachelors degree in graphic design from Mississippi State and a ringing in his ear from all the cowbells. He’s spent the last two years working as an in-house designer here in Memphis as well as running a side business making prop replicas for people on the internet.

Ryan spends his free time doing typical nerdy things, like watching old movies, playing video games, and reading comics and sci-fi novels. He lives in Memphis with his girlfriend, Gabby, their dog, two cats, and his tank full of fish.