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The Most Basic Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by on March 27th, 2012

Why Web Design Matters

Your website is the face of your business and these days everyone is a web critic. On the web you only get a few seconds to make a good first impression. You don't want to turn people and potential customers away from your business because of a few web design mistakes.

Sometimes the most well intentioned website owner can be led astray from good web design principles which in turn leads customers away from their business. Don't let this happen to you. Avoid the following mistakes instead!

Basic Mistakes To Avoid

We love to help clients avoid design mistakes that can put off potential customers. As lovers of the web and good design, we ask that you please don't do the following (or ask us to do them):

  • Use white font on a black background.
  • Or any hard to read contrasting color combinations.
  • Use the font Comic Sans.
  • Or the font Papyrus.
  • Use animated smiley face gifs.
  • Or any other animated gifs unless for hilarious or ironic purposes.
  • Play music automatically when someone visits your site.
  • Use so many images and buttons your site takes five minutes to load.
  • Use huge image files that cause the same long load problem.
  • Create long blocks of text without paragraph breaks.
  • Use flash for your whole website.

Most of these things are relics from the internet's past. They are very simple mistakes that will turn people away from your site in just a few seconds. Some people still want to use these techniques but they don't make a good impression and they definitely don't give web users what they really want.

What do visitors to your site really want?

Generally web visitors want:

  • Text they can easily scan and read.
  • Useful content that answers their questions and needs.
  • Fewer distractions from the main content.
  • Fast loading webpages that aren't clunky.
  • Quality, professional looking design. (We can help with that.)

Refer to this post on the basics of creating web content for more information on how to create a website that visitors will love.  

Be smart and listen to the experts - avoid the mistakes and give visitors what they really want!

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Hotel Web Design: Webmasters must aware of these common mistakes which you have shared and try to not make them on website design and development. Thanks for this informative blog!

web design: Hey excellent post.You shared some important and useful information about designing mistakes.By avoiding the design mistakes you can improve your customer service,encourage customer interactions and build trust. Thanks for sharing such good post.

Aahna: Your designing tips helps me a lot.I have just designed a new website for my client and I have tried to implement all points you mentioned. I will keep them in mind while designing a website layout in future as well.Thanks again for great posting!!

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