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Infographic: The Evolution of SXSW

Posted on March 10th, 2012

Today we are starting a new tradition: Infographic Saturday. We love infographics - they are short, pretty, to the point, educational, and helpful. They are popular on the web for a good reason. There are so many floating around now that often they get lost in the outer edges of the web and aren't shared enough. We plan to share a new helpful infographic we've come across every Saturday as a bit of fun and education for your weekend!

Today's infographic via Cool Infographics is from Rocksauce Studios called Rock of Ages: The Evolution of SxSW from Music Festival to Interactive Launch Pad covers the evolution of the conference in Austin from a pure music festival to an event very important to not only the music industry but also the tech industry.

We certainly wish we had made it to the conference this year! View the full size image here.

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