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SEO PR: Do Those Two Words Go Together?

Posted by Zac on August 22nd, 2012

Not everyone can be good at everything; we all need a little help now and then. With the growth of internet marketing, SEO, and content marketing, people in ‘marketing’ roles are starting to take on job titles, requirements, and strategies they never even signed up to learn. PR firms are starting to take on SEO in ways that PR doesn’t really know how to handle SEO.

Can My PR Team Do It?

We’re starting to get to a place where all agencies want to do everything. They want to do the website, print work, PR, marketing, advertising, and now SEO. There are times where this can work, but usually one department doesn’t live up to its potential and a client will leave because they know it could be better. Articles have even been written this year to teach you how to turn your PR team into SEO. But...shouldn’t your PR team be focused on PR and not on SEO? Yes, the two can be similar, but PR doesn’t deal with robots.txt, canonicals, and changing source code.

Maybe the Marketing Guy Can Do It...

With Panda and Penguin updates coming almost monthly now agencies are learning they have to focus more on content and go back and review their search strategies. Back in 2007-2008 PR firms started to notice the important of social, and most of them went out and hired a “marketing guru,” usually someone fresh out of college, that could learn the ways of SEO while doing their other marketing duties as well. Now that Google has made search strategies harder many places are reworking their game plan. And the ‘marketing guru,’ is feeling quite lost and confused, and nervous for his job, because his SEO strategies aren’t working. Maybe it’s because he was never SEO trained to begin with?

Donít Be Afraid To Ask For Help

This PR vs. SEO conversation has been happening more frequently, and Rocketfuel is slightly biased based on the fact that we have niche employees that are knee deep in internet marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing.

  • We aren’t the traditionalists.
  • We aren’t set in our ways.
  • We’re always ready for change.

Rocketfuel isn’t a PR firm (but we work with some amazing ones), and we aren’t trying to be. We are web experts and we are an amazing web design and internet marketing firm. You may have a Rocketfuel site, or you may not, but this is the perfect time for opportunity growth and the perfect time to make your site stand out.

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