UX, The Science of Design

User Experience Strategy Improves Your Business

Beyond the basic user experience (UX) built into every RocketFuel website, we believe some businesses can utilize extra user experience strategies to grow their business online.

UX focuses on making a product easy to use, making sure it fits expectations and meets  business goals. With these traits in mind, we strive to understand not just who a person is and what they are looking for, but the underlying motivations behind their goals. This information is used to improve the user's experience with your product or website.

UX strategy makes user experiences better through testing, analysis, and design.

How User Experience Can Help You

An intuitive user experience is the key to success online. More positive user experiences create customer trust and loyalty toward your business.

UX can help your business:

  • Create a clear vision for your website or product
  • Get important insights from actual users
  • Test ideas to choose the best path
  • Optimize your site around specific goals
  • Satisfy users to produce loyal customers

User Experience ROI

User experience testing and strategy can generate results and produce measurable returns on your investment.  

User experience strategy can improve your business with:

  • higher conversion rates
  • more satisfied customers
  • longer customer engagement
  • less time and money spent on development

Strategic UX Services

We offer several UX strategy services including usability assessments, user research, A/B testing, and product development.

Usability Assessment

Not sure where to begin with UX? 

We will analyze your website and put together a usability report that highlights pain points and suggests improvements to take your site to the next level.

The first step is to meet with you and discuss your business goals and performance indicators you want to track. With your goals in mind we then perform an expert review of your website. We will identify problem areas based on experience and analytics data from your website. 

Our strategic report will provide actionable usability improvements that will make a world of difference to your website and business.

User Research

Getting to know your user is essential to the success of your business.

User research accomplishes this process strategically by utilizing user surveys and analytics reviews to create personas, flows, and scenarios based on your users. We also conduct usability testing to get qualitative data from users interacting with your website. We create strategic documents and interpret testing data to guide your business in future website and product development decisions.

A/B Testing

A/B testing eliminates guesswork around making changes to your product or business.

With A/B testing we determine your goals and then optimize your website around achieving those goals. We test variations to determine your best path to take based on actual results. We monitor conversion rates and increase conversions through further testing. A/B testing provides real data for you to help users and improve your bottom line.

Product Development

Product development helps you through the process of improving or creating a product.

We help you figure out goals, determine user problems, and create a clearly defined roadmap to enter or dominate your market. We will create a strategic plan for your website, product, or business that you can implement.

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