Brighid Wheeler

Mary Tyler Moore might be able to turn the world on with her smile, but she’s no Brighid Wheeler.

As Director of Operations here at RocketFuel, Brighid is a client-charming, project-running badass who keeps the team on track without so much as smudging her perfectly winged eyeliner. And she does it all with a smile. (Take that, Mary!)

Brighid was born in Ohio, but her family left the Midwest in pursuit of Southern hospitality when she was a teenager. That’s when a strange new phrase began dominating her vocabulary: “Roll Tide!” She attended the University of Alabama and emerged with a B.A. in Telecommunication & Film, a minor in Psychology and a major obsession with NCAA football. (Did we mention ‘Roll Tide’ already?)

Prior to lift-off with RocketFuel, Brighid was Program Manager/Festival Operations for Indie Memphis, where she was involved in year-round programming, organizing volunteers and building community engagement. Brighid also has more than five years of experience in store management for Apple, where she led 120+ employees through everything from large-scale product launches to everyday customer interactions, even snagging herself Apple Genius Certification along the way.

When she’s not doing all of the things at RocketFuel, Brighid stays connected to Indie Memphis by serving as Short Films Programmer for the annual festival, as well as programming some of their year-round activities. All work and no play makes her surly, so Brighid keeps her sanity intact by having porch drinks with her girls, snuggling up with her pooches, cheering on the Grizz or wilding out over Alabama football. (Did we say ‘Roll Tide’ yet?)