John Waddell

John is a senior designer here at RocketFuel. We're not sure if he ever goes home actually. What we do know is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, especially if you can hear him. Oh yeah and he's the first official RocketFuel employee-well after Reuben of course. 

John, a very enigmatic figure and often described as “Master of All Trades and Jack of None”, works with both print and custom website design at RocketFuel. He's also really good at the quiet game. 

Although John grew up across the river in West Memphis and still lives there today, he was originally born right here in Memphis and even graduated from the University of Memphis, so for all intensive purposes he's basically a native Memphian. At least in our hearts. 

He has designed hundreds of RocketFuel powered websites in his 12 years here. Like a lot of hundreds. Also, a little unknown fact about John is that if you type the word "robot" into most stock photo search engines a picture of John will appear 8 out of 10 times. 

Like most people in the office, John exhibits the ability to consume extremely large sums of coffee at any time of day. In his free time he enjoys good movies, retro TV, and the occasional art exhibit from time to time. 

John might be known as the quiet one in the office, but is very deadly with a nerf gun. We had to buy goggles for the staff just to protect our eyes from John's deadly shot.