Zac Woolfolk

Zac is our Senior Internet Marketing Strategist here at RocketFuel as well as the unofficial office DJ. But don't let that fool you into thinking he has a good taste in djing choices. Well, unless you consider LeAnn Rimes techno remixes good taste. 

Legitimately referred to as a Genius, Zac is our Senior Internet Marketing Strategist at RocketFuel.  Utilizing his communications experience from his time with Apple as a Genius, Zac assists our customers in strategizing how to improve their search engine rankings, engage in social media marketing, and overall determine how to best market and utilize their websites. 

What attracted Zac to RocketFuel, and us to him, is the ability within search engine marketing to identify challenges and develop solutions. Putting together the puzzle, so to speak, of a website marketing strategy is the ultimate in analysis and problem solving. Every website is unique and that provides further opportunity for a self-diagnosed problem solver.

While he worked at Apple, he proactively identified ways to avoid recurrences of customer issues by regularly improving the internal processes, reviewing internal technical articles, and recommending and implementing changes. He has quite a few funny stories that he may or may not share with you regarding his time as a Genius. And before you ask, yes, he's been in the same room with Steve Jobs at least once (that may be why Reuben hired him). 

Zac graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. He is currently certified in Google Analytics. 

He also recently opened Oxn, a menswear boutique, in downtown Memphis.