"Everything begins with an idea." 
- Earl Nightingale

Eureka! Welcome back from the mountain top. Got a great idea? Let’s talk about it.

  • VISION. What's the big picture?

  • VALUES. What does your organization stand for?

  • GOALS. How do you measure success?


“Real artists ship.” 
Steve Jobs, entrepreneur

Once we know where we want to go, let’s explore (and check the map for directions):

  • RESEARCH. Market opportunity? Competition? Competitive advantage? Let's do our homework.

  • AUDIENCE. Wookie or Ewok? Kirk or Picard? Let's do a deep dive into the target market.

  • MESSAGE. What brand message will resonate? Will your brand connect with your target?


“I love it when a plan comes together.” 
- John “Hannibal” Smith, leader

So now that we have a road map. Who is driving the bus?:

  • BUDGET. Do we have enough fuel in the tank to get us where we want to go?
  • TEAM. Who is going the distance? Let's build an A-Team to get it done.
  • TECHNOLOGY. Set phasers to stun. What kind of technical wizardry can we leverage?


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 
Lao Tzu, philosopher

Time to put the pieces on the board. It’s your move:

  • EXECUTION. As Captain Picard says, “Make it so.” Let’s make him proud.

  • ANALYSIS. Trust your instincts, Luke. And the data.

  • CALIBRATION. Sometimes we have to adjust the course to stay on target.