Adding Content via Paragraph Module

Your full time job shouldn't be updating your website. The RocketFuel CMS makes it easy to add and edit your content without having to be Bill Gates. 

To add text or any other content to a page you need to use the paragraph module. 

To use the paragraph module, login to your site and navigate to the page you want to edit. In the blue bar across the top of your page will be a button for “Paragraphs.” 

This brings up the box with all the paragraphs on the particular page. To create a new paragraph you should click the “Add Paragraph” button.

Once the new paragraph box comes up you will have the option to enter content in three areas: header, body text, and media.

You must enter a header for every paragraph. This not only is available to display as a header on your site but it also names the paragraph and makes it easier to change the order of paragraphs on the page. Once you have chosen a header you can change the drop down to “Show” or “Hide” the header on the live page.

The large text box is where you enter your text for the page. You can enter all the text in one paragraph or break it up into multiple paragraphs each with it’s own paragraph module.

Beneath the text box is where you can choose media like photos or video to go with your paragraph text. Choose the tab for the media you want to include and fill out the required fields. If you do not want to add anything but text then click the “None” button.

After filling out all the information you can then choose to click either “Draft” or “Published.” If you are not ready to show your content on your website then choose the “Draft” option. Otherwise click the “Published” button and then click “Save” to finish.

Quick Instructions:

  • Paragraphs
  • Add Paragraph
  • Add header, text, and media
  • Choose Show or Hide for header
  • Choose Published
  • Save