The Paragraph Module

Your full time job shouldn't be updating your website. The RocketFuel CMS makes it easy to add and edit your content without having to be Bill Gates. 

What Is the Paragraph Module?

The Paragraph Module is how you will place content (text, photos, videos, widgets) onto the pages of your website.

To organize and manage paragraphs, first sign in to your site.  Then go to the upper left hand corner and click on "Paragraphs".

Editing Paragraphs

In "Edit Paragraph" module we provide you with different formatting options and the ability to link to other websites and pages within your own website.  We keep the formatting of the text simple to keep continuity throughout the site.  You will have the ability to bolditalicize, underline, indent, and give bullet points and numbering. 

If you are in the "Edit Paragraph" module, you can hover over the toolbar buttons to identify their purposes.  Also if you are copy and pasting from Text or Word documents, you can use the "Paste from Word" or "Paste as Plain Text" buttons to paste in with ease.

Publishing/Draft Paragraphs

While in the "Edit Paragraph" module you will see "Draft" and "Published" buttons at the bottom about the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons.  If you would like to save your work, but not have it appear on your site for visitors to see, click "Draft".  Otherwise, click "Published" if you would like the paragraph to appear immediately.

Reordering Your Paragraphs

Once in "Paragraphs", you can reorder the paragraphs by the crosses to the left of the paragraph titles.  The Paragraphs are drag and drop.  Also, you can edit the paragraphs and the text that is in side of them from this module.

Deleting Paragraphs

There are two ways to delete a paragraph from your site:

  1. From within the Paragraphs module option (located in your upper left menu bar), you can view the Paragraphs being displayed on a page. Within this view, there is a "Delete" option listed to the right of each paragraph.  Simply click the Delete option and, after a quick "are you sure?" verification, the paragraph will be deleted.
  2. On the actual page of content, you can also select the Paragraph that you would like to delete. This will pull up the "Edit Paragraph" window. Click the "Delete" button in the bottom right of this window to remove the paragraph.

WARNING!  If you delete a paragraph from the Paragraph Module or the actual page, it is a permanent delete.  If you would like to keep the content, but keep it from showing up on the page you can edit the Paragraph and put it in Draft mode.