Changing Image Alt Text

Who wants to build a website that no one can find? Not us!

The alt text that accompanies images is generally not something immediately obvious to your visitors. It's hidden and seen by search engines as extra information about your page. It also will show for visitors with vision disabilities as a description of the image. It is helpful to add a descriptive phrase as the alt text for each image you upload to your website.

To change the alt text after you've uploaded photos, simply go to the media manager by clicking Media in the upper right on your screen. It will default to showing photos so select the photos you want by clicking the box underneath a photo. Once selected, hit the "Edit" button in the top right corner. This will bring you to a new screen with the photos and several fields. The alt text on RocketFuel websites defaults to the Title field. Fill in the "Title" field with your description phrase using your keywords then click the "Save" button.

Quick Instructions:

  • Login
  • Media
  • Select photo or photos
  • Click Edit button
  • Change title field of photo or photos
  • Save