Creating 301 Redirects

Who wants to build a website that no one can find? Not us!

Sometimes you may need to change the URL of a page. You might do this by changing the URL of an existing page or moving the content to an entirely new page you create.Whenever this happens and a page on your website is left blank without content you should create a 301 redirect to the new URL. This helps

The RocketFuel CMS makes this process pretty simple. To create a 301 redirect for any page on your site simply login and go to "Settings" which is located in the upper right corner on any page of your website. Then go to "301 Redirects" which is under the "Site" section. Click the "Add Redirect" button to add a new redirect.

Then fill in the "Old URL" field with the URL of the page that you no longer want to be used and then fill in the "New URL" field with URL of the new page as everything after the .com. For example this would be "/support/optimizing-your-site/creating-301-redirects/" if I was creating a redirect for the page you are on.  Check the "Active" box to activate the redirect and then click the "Save" button.

Quick Instructions:

  • Login
  • Settings
  • 301 Redirects (under Site)
  • Add Redirect
  • Fill in Old URL (everything after the .com)
  • Fill in New URL (everything after the .com)
  • Check Active box
  • Save