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4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Between a Freelancer and a Web Design Firm

If you’ve been shopping around for someone to build a website for your start-up, you’ve likely found both freelancers and web design firms vying for your business.  While freelancers offer a reduced rate, when you hire a web design firm, you’re hiring a team of creatives – designers, coders, and writers – along with web analytics and social media expertise.  

Marketing research shows that an effective online presence that reaches the right audiences, offers return on investment, and helps build your brand is more than just pasting a few words onto a template in Squarespace.  You need creativity, you need direction, and you often need a team of people who can work with you to accomplish this.  

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Whether you choose a freelancer or a firm, here are four questions to ask to make sure that the web designer you work with also provides the necessary services to get your website seen by the right people: 

Do you know how to get on Google’s good side?

It’s one thing to have a website.  But if you have a website that doesn’t draw traffic and potential customers to your business, what’s the point? To reach the right audiences through targeted keywords, your website needs a web analytics team that is up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of SEO and Google trends.  They will ensure that your site is optimized for Google search results and that each page on your site has the correct meta tags to make it easy for search engines to find.  

Do you also provide marketing services to grow the website’s audience after it is published?

PPC (pay-per-click) ads, e-mail copy, landing pages, social media, blogs – a lot goes in to an effective online marketing campaign. Building the website is only a small first step.  After your website is built, you will need to continue to create relevant copy that will attract the right audiences, grow your business, be published on your social media, and help build a brand identity.   

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Will my website be a template or will it be unique?

Most freelancers will build your website with a template, which means that any number of other businesses could have a website that looks exactly like yours.  That’s certainly no way to stand out in a crowd.   Some web design and marketing firms have their own CMS (content management system), allowing them to design and code an original website that no one else has, and that makes your business stand out from the rest. 

Can you help me attract the right audiences to my website once it’s built?

A lot goes into designing, developing, and creating great copy for a stunning website.  Part of that process includes determining the audiences that would be most likely to buy your product or use your service, and brainstorming what type of messaging and aesthetics would most appeal to them.  Then there is social media reach, and filtering PPC or social media ads to reach the right demographic so you’re not wasting your marketing efforts.

At RocketFuel, our team is made up of experts in their creative and technical fields because that's how great websites happen. From consulting with you on your initial logo and design needs, to coding, to creation of relevant content, and then analyzing the effectiveness of that content - we have you covered.  Contact us to get started.