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Here are five more brands using laughs to gain customers on Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr. One tweet at a time.

5 More Hilarious Brands Turning Laughs into Cash on Social Media

The internet is a big place, so here are five more brands packing enough wit to fill your social feeds with laughter.  

1) Eat24 on Instagram

What’s better than food? Food with a dash of sass. 

Eat24 is a food delivery app with the simple mission of keeping you from ever having to cook, shop or wear pants. Basically, they will not only fill you with delicious treats delievered right to your door but will also fill you with laughter in the process. 

Recently best known for their abandonment of Facebook, the company's total online persona thrives on taco puns and pizza haikus. If you aren’t following Eat24 on Twitter yet, you should go ahead and treat yourself. 

Although their Twitter account is one of the funniest and most engaging brand accounts out there right now, their Instagram is my personal favorite. With gems like this Mac and Cheese pun added everyday, how could it not be?

Eat24 instagram

Eat24’s Instagram account is guaranteed to make your tummy growl while simultaneously choking on giggles. With one post this brand can change the whole course of your day- leading you straight to the couch eagerly awaiting the delicious pad tai currently in route to your door. Every photo posted is eyecatching with captions that are clever, smart, and filled with deliciousness. 


RocketFuel is not responsible for any pangs of regret you may experience from not filling you life with @Eat24’s infinite food wisdom sooner. 

Cap'n Crunch

2) Cap'n Crunch on YouTube

Cap’n Crunch has been a pantry staple across the country for almost 50 years. It’s basically sugar coated nostalgia passed down from one generation to the next. Convincing each new batch of hyped up kids decade after decade hasn’t been that hard. Everyone loves sugar. But how do you retain loyalty once your grade school audience hits voting age? 

To answer this question, Cap’n Crunch did some digging and quickly realized that older consumers were still regularly eating their product- just not for breakfast. To this particular demographic, Cap’n Crunch has become more of a 4th meal alternative when Taco Bell isn’t in reach. 

So with this epiphany in hand the company set out to reach that specific demographic who loved the cereal as a child but more than likely only reached for in a crunch these days. And thus The Cap'n Crunch Show was born.

It’s exactly what it sounds like- a talk show hosted by the Cap’n himself. Since they are targeting a more adult audience, this YouTube series is set up just like the late night shows you stay up too late watching. In fact, the show airs at the same time- 11:35 ET/PT. Instead of a desk, the Cap’n interviews his various guests from a cereal bowl full of- you guessed it- Cap’n Crunch.

If you can get past the annoying character voice, the show is actually pretty funny. With segments like rap battles with Vanilla Ice, it’s hard not to at least crack a smile.

3) Charmin’s #TweetFromTheSeat Twitter Campaign

Charmin Twitter

One of the most engaging social media brand communities currently on the interwebs can’t stop talking about poop. 

Charmin definitely does not sell the most glamorous of products. No one really wants to talk about toilet paper. Yet Charmin has people talking about it by the thousands everyday. Their social media marketing strategy is simple: turn an everyday activity everyone experiences into a conversation everyone can related to- all revolving around their product. 

An example of how Charmin is accomplishing this is their popular #tweetfromtheseat Twitter hashtag campaign. The brand utilizes this particular hashtag almost every day to build brand advocacy through social conversations about the ups (and downs) of the bathroom experience. Plus, a rather substantial segment of online users literally tweet from the seat, so capitalizing on this audience just makes sense. 

This campaign not only provides an outlet for the brand to express their playful voice but also to build a rapport with a community of potty mouths from around the world. The fact the brand pays close attention to what’s going on in pop culture probably didn't hurt Time’s decision to name Charmin the sassiest brand on Twitter earlier this year either. 

Charmin funny tweets

4) General Electric on Pinterest

When you think of innovative brands on Pinterest, General Electric probably isn’t one of the first ones to come to mind. But don’t let the fact that they’ve been around for more than 120 years fool you. Their company Pinterest account holds a plethora of interesting information in picture form. 

General Electric on Pinterest

Sure pictures of company equipment and retro ads are plenty interesting by themselves, but the company social media team really shines with their meme creation- particularly their Hey Girl meme parody.

The Hey Girl meme is basically an online movement using clever, hormone filled phrases starting with “Hey Girl" and putting them on top of various photos of Ryan Gosling. Instead of Ryan Gosling, GE decided to go old school and feature photos of famous inventors with flirty phrases involving their inventions. This campaign is not only the type of clever that makes you do that weird silent smirk at your desk, but also pretty educational. 

General Electric hey girl

5) Ruffles Potato Chip Memes

Speaking of memes, Ruffles potato chips are another brand dipping their toes in the brand meme creation pool. But instead of imitating one specific meme to repurpose for brand awareness, Ruffles is trying out a little bit of everything. Especially if it can piggyback on a trend already marinating within the social media pop culture realm. 

Ruffles Memes

Similar to Denny’s social media strategy, Ruffles has been utilizing their meme creations on the Ruffles Tumblr page as well as basically every other online community you can think of. However unlike Denny’s, all of Ruffles memes are branded in various ways with the company's logo, whether it be on a product bag, brand merchandise, or simple a graphic in the corner. They’ve even started dabbling in GIFs:

This is a continuation of 5 Brands on Social Media Turning Laughs Into Cash  posted on the Rocket Blog last month.