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'Get Down Memphis' Site Launch

We’re exited to announce the launch of a website that encompasses so much of what we love about Memphis, and why we are proud to be a part of this thriving and historically creative community.  As a one-stop directory compiled by the Downtown Memphis Commission, ‘Get Down Memphis’ helps visitors and locals alike easily navigate the many residential options, parking garages, events, hotels, top-rated restaurants, and world-famous clubs that downtown Memphis has to offer. 


With a comprehensive, mobile friendly, responsive and easy-to-navigate redesign, the new site is an invaluable resource.  “We have received so many compliments on the new site,” says Leslie Gower, VP of Marekting and Communications for the Downtown Memphis Commission.  “The design is clean, bright and cheerful and it is so easy for visitors to navigate and find exactly what they’re looking for.” 

The Client

DMC works to invest in Downtown’s unlimited potential, and focuses its effort on ways to make downtown an even better place to visit, work, live or play. You can just take a look at this flyer to see how much the Downtown Memphis Commission promotes our city and the projects that go into shaping it. 


When Downtown Memphis Commission approached us to redesign their ‘Get Down Memphis’ website, we knew immediately it would be the perfect project for our creative team.  With RocketFuel headquarters located downtown in a historic building off of South Main, we are constantly inspired by the city around us.  We like the life and rhythm of downtown Memphis and the friendliness of everyone who works to keep it a wonderful place.  

Client Goals

The primary goal of the DMC was to move their website to a content management system that would be easy to add to as downtown continues to grow and develop. “When we originally launched our website in 1997 and up until a few years ago, was a clearinghouse for all things Downtown - business, development news, events, tourism, residential and more," says Glower.  "As you can imagine, it was information overload and deep navigation."  



When our designers thought about the overall look and design of the 'Get Down Memphis' website, they wanted it to be more recognizably downtown Memphis than the previous site had been. Blue immediately came to mind (blue suede shoes, anyone?) and green, specifically because green suggests elements of nurturing and growth - two concepts that the DMC has focused on from the beginning in its plans to promote growth, tourism, and business in the downtown area.  Additionally, since the website would be likely accessed often on mobile devices, keeping the design simple, easy to navigate and with plenty of white space was also a primary objective. The result is a website that looks great across all devices. 


Creating a more user-friendly experience across all devices was our development team's objective, and the result is a website that is as easy to navigate on your mobile phones as it is easy to read while on the go. So from the user standpoint, getting around downtown Memphis  - from finding the right parking garage closest to finding the newest restuaruants to try out - is a breeze on the new site.  

“From a content management perspective,” says Gower, “the website is easy to update so our content is staying fresh. This allows us to elevate messaging and engage with our audiences better.” Now the site is totally focused on giving visitors a packaged Downtown experience. 


Future Goals

RocketFuel is now working on updating and the two sites will be integrated but remain distinctly different in their purpose and audience.  Be sure to visit both sites often to learn more about why downtown Memphis is such a great place to live, work, eat, stay and play!