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Ladd's Site Launch

The Client

We're excited to announce the launch of another one of RocketFuel's high-octane, custom, responsive ecommerce websites at

After 50 years in the Mid-South and having already built a successful local brand, Ladd's needed to expand their website’s reach into a full e-commerce site to reflect the company’s momentum in national sales.  

Placeit 1

Development & Design

The biggest challenge encountered by our designers was insuring that the custom-built configurator that would be part of the Ladd's online shopping experience would fit onto a phone screen.  The configurator our developers made allows a website user to fully customize any of Ladd's golf cars, including changing the colors, accessories, seating, and specialized gear for golfing, outdoors and community life. 

Since the desktop design already utilized a system of categorized tabs and expandable product types to keep all the information accessible while not becoming overwhelming to the user, this design worked great for responsive mobile viewing for many of the same reasons. 

To maximize the usage of the screen real estate, we decided to move the sidebar from the desktop version into a button that would appear at the bottom of the screen when an option is added to the user's custom golf cart. A user can click this button and see a flyout including their list of add-ons, with the ability to remove them from their quote in addition to seeing their total price. From there, they can add their custom golf car to a shopping cart for checkout.

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Social Media Consulting

In addition to helping Ladd's determine great content to establish their social media presence, we conducted several social media consulting sessions to teach them how they could build a better presence on Facebook, how to read their analytics and apply them to their strategy, and how to create Facebook ads. Additionally, after helping them build a Twitter page and following, we trained them on how to make the most out of the Twitter platform with fresh, engaging content.

Ready to launch a new website?

The creative team behind RocketFuel loves working with clients like Ladd’s to produce an original, responsive website that stands out from the rest. If your current website is looking dull and outdated, contact us and let's discuss how we can build a beautiful new website for your company or organization that will attract more clients and increase your business.