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Memphis Music Initiative Site Launch

We enjoy building websites and helping all of our clients with their marketing goals, but there are some projects that really inspire us because they embody all the things we love so much about Memphis. is one such project.  

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The Client

With the mission to provide our city’s youth with opportunities to connect to Memphis’ musical legacy, the initiative has a five-year, $20 million strategy to help strengthen the music education programs in area schools (less than 2% of Memphis’ youth have access to music education programming at school).

“It was really exciting to work with a new Memphis organization that had roots in something that was part of our city’s history yet with a fresh take,” says Raquel Hinson, Senior Account Executive at RocketFuel and strategist for the new site architecture of  “We worked collaboratively with the MMI team to determine how they were going to tell their story in a way that would be dynamic, interesting and easily digestible.”  

The initiative seeks to utilize the same local energy that created soul, blues and Memphis’ iconic sound to instill purpose and meaning in the city’s youth.  The goal is that these young people will then return to their communities and help make them more vibrant spaces of creativity.

“Being involved with a project that has such potential for changing young lives was by far the most enjoyable part,” says Maria Griffo, Account Manager. “We wanted the website to reflect not only the people but the feeling of Memphis as a city.”

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We worked closely with the Memphis Music Initiative team to achieve the goal of developing a brand for those involved on all levels of the initiative – from students to musicians to shareholders.  This brand identity needed to be gritty and urban, with a logo that embodied Memphis and music, suggested by a silhouette of the city against a record playing.


Our designers chose blue as the dominant color of the new website and logo because blue seems to be Memphis’ favorite color (we’re looking at you, fans of Elvis and Grizzlies basketball!).  Our team chose to give the website a grittygrungy feel, with interest-grabbing videos moving through the hero banner, along with large, bright photos that showcased the young people, musicians, and stakeholders involved with Memphis Music Initiative’s work.  The font is also personable, making it appealing to younger audiences.  


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