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Did 2016 get you down? Us, too. So, we're blasting it into space and rallying around what's next.

Back to the Future: 2017
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This year has been challenging.


We’re still scratching our heads about the unorthodox antics of our recent presidential race and the seismic divisions it forged between families and friends. We’re still mourning the loss of many bright lights from the creative skyline, including a revered (star)man who fell to earth, a dear princess from a galaxy far, far away, and a beloved Memphis musician with big glasses and an even bigger heart.

However, we remain hopeful.

New opportunities to grow, create and come together are on the horizon.

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As a testament to our belief in positive change, we’ve decided to go full Colonel Steve Austin in 2017: better, faster, stronger. But before we take the next giant leap forward, we believe it’s important to take a brief look back at 2016 and celebrate all we’ve accomplished as a team here at RocketFuel.

2016 saw us kick off some of our most ambitious client projects to date, many of which we anticipate unveiling in 2017 with an earth-shattering, sonic KABOOM!: large-scale custom web development projects, deeper integrated marketing projects and collaborations with big brands. We’re chomping at the bit to release these, so keep an eye on our ever-expanding portfolio as we explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no RocketFueler has gone before.

No ship is complete without its crew.

The talented new faces we've added to our team this year have helped us go the distance.

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Our Marketing and Design troops have expanded their repertoire to tackle a wider spectrum of creative services for our clients: branding, print collateral, digital advertising, search engine optimization and marketing, social media consultation and management, content and communications strategy, even multimedia production. If a client can dream it, we can do it.

Our Account Managers have kept us on course, nimbly steering the ship through asteroid fields and deftly skirting the mighty pull of competing orbits. Clients love them because they make the creative process feel easy, and the production teams love them because it means they don’t have to talk to clients.

Our Dev Crew is firing on all cylinders, always eager to learn something new and push themselves toward the next big challenge. To that end, one of their current goals is updating our own software. The powerful changes they’re rolling out for the RocketFuel CMS early next year will make it easier than ever for clients to manage their websites and keep them secure. (Don’t worry. No small planets will be harmed on the backend.)

2017, we welcome you with open arms.

The ship has been tuned up and polished to a high shine. Where do you want to go?

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