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Every year, the Indie Memphis Film Festival transforms our city into a connecting point for filmmakers, musicians, artists and audiences by featuring a broad range of independent films and documentaries from all corners of the country. 


For the 2015 festival, Indie Memphis tasked us with creating an integrated social media campaign to promote local awareness of their organization, drive ticket sales and increase overall festival attendance. 

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Our Process

A successful social media campaign begins with an airtight plan.

We decided to make in-depth genre research the foundation of our entire strategy. We immersed ourselves in each film and used what we learned to create engaging content and target specialized audiences. After finishing our homework, the next adventure was figuring out how to cover 8 days of films spread across 5 venues (without cloning ourselves). 

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Once we finished planning, we used our audience research to produce and schedule a wide variety of social media ads, each highlighting individual films and events. We began publishing these ads in September, then continued steadily throughout the festival in November. 

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During the festival, our team set up shop on-site to capture all of the fun, inspiring things that make the Indie Memphis Film Festival such a memorable experience. Our goal was to connect with attendees in the moment and make those not in attendance wish they were. 

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Our Results

RocketFuel helped boost our film festival ticket sales by 21% in 2015 over the previous year with their highly effective social media strategy. The team created a plan early in the process that targeted our numerous niche audiences and remained flexible to pivot as new opportunities emerged. I highly recommend RocketFuel because of their talented staff and commitment to client communication. 

-Ryan Watt Executive Director, Indie Memphis
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