The Company

Restore Medical Solutions caters to the healthcare industry, creating patent-pending products that help facilitate the processes of decontamination, inspection and re-assembly of reusable surgical devices.

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Restore Medical screen
The Challenge

With this patent-pending, unique technology, the primary challenge Restore Medical Solutions brought to us was building a website that shows exactly how the product can be used to make decontamination easier.  

The Solution

With a revolutionary idea, it's sometimes hard to describe the intended concept to your target market. With that in mind, RocketFuel endeavored to show and not tell how Restore Medical was going to change the face of medical sanitization. We partnered with a local media company to have three video vignettes created utilizing computer animation to show exactly how this new product would create amazing savings to hospital personnel.  RocketFuel also designed print material for Restore Medical Solutions for distribution at trade shows and sales meetings.