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Nonprofit Tech Advocacy
Our Opportunity


Tech901 is a nonprofit organization building the Memphis technology job base by training new tech workers to take on the diverse challenges of the IT industry and providing growth resources for local employers.


Like many startups, Tech901 was a blank slate with a fantastic concept and mission when they came to see us. The organization needed help translating their goals and values into a visual identity and marketing strategy that could resonate with an audience, so we worked together to make it happen.

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Our Process


From sketchbook to whiteboard, our design team spent countless hours drawing, dreaming and discussing the best way to represent Memphis, technology and progress.

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Branding Process 2
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While our designers worked their magic coming up with the look, our marketing team began working on the message.

We conducted interviews with key stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of what they hoped to achieve, researched audience personas to help Tech901 think like their prospective supporters and crafted editorial calendars to guide the organization's team through a social media bootcamp.

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Our Results


The digits of everyone's favorite area code nest into one another, evoking a power button or the carefully wrapped cord of a shiny, new gadget. The colors are bold and feature a rich green nod to growth and a deep blue that feels authorative, forward-thinking.

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RocketFuel is a fantastic company! Fun to work with, and they produced a tremendous logo for our new organization. Highly recommend!

-Steve Denegri Executive Director & Co-Founder, Tech901
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During the course of their research, our marketing team identified key tactics to jumpstart Tech901's communications efforts, codifying these general best practices and specific organizational insights into the start-up's very first marketing plan.

Marketing Plan 1


To help Tech901 populate their online presence while the organization found its feet, our team initially wrote and scheduled every ad that appeared on each of their social media channels. After a few months, we trained them to run their own accounts, empowering them with a variety of management tools, then put the keys in their hands.

During the transition, we continued to provide support by creating digital assets, guiding the Tech901 team through snags (looking at you, Facebook Business Manager) and serving as their go-to resource for all questions.

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