The Company

Theraplex is a skincare line containing a special petrolatum fraction that retains all of the superior moisturization and protective properties of petrolatum without the greasiness and tackiness.  The Theraplex line includes 5 different formulas, all of which contain their patented hydrosilicone delivery system and ESPF.

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The Challenge

Whenever designing for e-commerce, the smallest change can affect sales. For this reason, great care has to be taken to not disrupt sales while creating a better buying experience. Theraplex wanted a modern redesign with a simpler customer flow and a cohesive marketing plan bridging traditional and interactive realms.

The Solution

RocketFuel crafted a high-end marketing and purchasing experience to highlight the Theraplex brand story and provide users with a seamless flow, from product research to checkout. From content strategy and storytelling to site implementation on the Shopify e-commerce platform and our own RocketFuel CMS, we assisted Theraplex through keyword research, SEO and email marketing to create marketing campaigns that have seen a rise in revenue year-over-year.